Lately, I have been traveling a lot. I have been in 4 trips in 3 months. I wasn’t a traveller per say and I wasn’t interested at all in going places. However, opportunity came knocking.

It’s been a few years since I traveled. I’m not a fan of going around countries because I often find something in common in all that makes me think staying home was a better option.

My current work with CAPSL has been fast paced that in a span of 4 months, I visited 3 countries plus Singapore which I went with my family as their birthday gift.

For the past few months, I have been learning these travel tips as they come. I want to share with you because these are the things I wish should I have done to make my life easier. Please note that these are for the non-ootd types.

For short stays and quick business trips
(3 to 7 days)

Bring one formal coat or suit and a jacket. I tried bringing 5 in Shanghai which was great but I was there for 14 days. My recent 5 day trip to Hongkong and Taipei where I brought 1 cardigan, 1 jacket, 1 suit and 1 formal coat was a bit too much. In reality, I only used two.

Be honest with yourself and repeat your jeans. I had 3 pairs for my recent trip and it was fine. Interchange and match accordingly with your tops and coats.

Don’t bring too much extra clothes. I brought 8 pairs of extra shirts even if I knew I was too lazy to change to different outfits in a day. So be smart with your extra clothes. If you’re the type who lives for OOTD, go for it but ask yourself several times or think “more space for what I buy” or “pasalubong space.”

Bring more underwear. Nuff said.

Know in advance if the place you’re staying have toiletries. If they do and you can live without your toiletries, bring only the essentials like deodorant, soap, toothbrush set and a packet of shampoo/conditioner.

Bring 2 pairs that fits your outfits and seems more practical to bring. I brought 7 pairs and I feel stupid for using 2. Slippers are usually free in accommodations. One formal wear and daily wear.

Try to fit everything in a small luggage. Hand-carries are always a better choice for short trips. I had a HK-TPE trip and it was hard for me to move around with luggage during my event. It couldn’t fit lockers because they were too big. Another, baggage always takes long.

Bring your favorite snacks (just enough though). It saves cash and reminds you of home.

For those like me, I have a hard time sleeping alone. So, video call will always be great. Leave your TV open and tire yourself out by pacing around the room. Better yet – be so tired, you have no choice but to sleep.

Most important for me is bringing my bible. I have a small one that I always bring which always makes me feel safe. It has been a great reminder too to pray for safety and never forget to honor the one who have brought you the opportunity to travel.

Always check-in early. Get your online bookings 48 hours before for good seats. If you’re the dizzy type, stay near the window.

Don’t bring gadgets you won’t have time to use. Btw, small powerbanks are allowed for international trips but not big ones.

Pay your travel tax early. Check out but if you didn’t pay online, go three hours earlier so you can line up. The queu will take you several minutes.

Always check conversion rates when buying similar brands. It’s usually cheaper in the Philippines.

Get the Roaming Longer stay in the Philippines before you leave. Cheaper than the 599 a day.

(List to continue)