I feel beautiful without you.
I look at myself in the mirror with satisfaction.
I see a woman.

There seems to be a spark in her eyes every time she smiles,
She has a glow that never seems to fade away.
She doesn’t cry anymore nor worry if you’re with someone else.
She now dreams of wonderful things.

I feel beautiful without you.
I no longer try to copy other girls that you say I should be like.
Nor do I need to worry about my big nose and my thunderous thighs.

Living a day without your insults made me realize that,
I am fine just the way I am.

I feel beautiful without you.
You can hurt me, break me or make fun of me,
Not noticing that I’ve already left you behind for a better life ahead of me.

I am grateful that I am finally free from the shackles of your emptiness, cruelness and selfishness.
A strong woman like me can only but become even better.

I feel beautiful without you.
Since you’ve left, I’ve never looked back on us.
My dignity, honor and pride forbid me to even think of you.
A new found love for myself will never entertain you ever again.
I can only but forget about you.

I feel beautiful without you.
A woman like me may be common for you
But a woman without you is luckier than I could ever imagine.

Compare me if you must,
But a woman whose love is pure and real,
Never does come by your block.

I feel beautiful without you
I may walk alone but I walk in confidence.
Gone are the days I walk according to your will.
No longer do I need your assurance or your appreciation.
I can do that myself now- thank you very much.

I feel beautiful without you.
I smile knowing your happy and I’m exhilarated it’s over.
I sometimes worry about you but I know you well enough,
That you’ve found someone else to clean up after you,
I hope you’ve moved on because I no longer want you.
Never again would I love someone who showed me the worst yet expected the best,
Nor made me think twice about my worth.

I feel beautiful without you.
No more do I allow myself to go through that pain over and over again,
Nor do I even want to bother myself about it.
I can only remember but the good times I’ve had with you
Yet it is slowly being replaced by something better and someone new.

I feel beautiful without you.
And I would like to stay that way,

Beautiful and without you.
I don’t deserve any less,
Unless you’ve changed and realized,
You might never quite feel the same way.

I feel beautiful without you.
Only God knows
How truly happy I finally am,
Howwonderful it has been for me,
And how astonishing my life has become.

I feel beautiful without you,
And I’m going to keep saying that for as long as I live.