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I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how I work at home and how I get my clients. Some ask help to find an online job. With that in mind, I made a guide on how to work at home:

Here are the sites I trust for onlinejobs so far:


I’ve never tried Upwork yet but I heard wonders. You can try it here:

If you’re a designer, developer or a creative like me, you need a portfolio. I have a simple one:

Make sure you have a good resume and practice some english skills.

Download Skype, and always be online or set a time wherein you can wait for an employer. Learn Canva and other tools you see on job postings so you can be flexible and do a range of jobs.

When it comes to applying, send 10 a day. When I was starting, I did 20 a day and usually it helps me get a job within a few days – 3 days at most.

Although multiple clients makes you earn more, I’d suggest to never copy what I did and stick to one if you’re a newbie and then as you get better, find clients that suit your schedule, your preference and your work style.

I am very relaxed and like to work at my own time. I am blessed to have found some good employers who accept my way of working and it has done wonders for me efficiency as well.

I have a lot of lessons and hurdles – especially mistakes – and if you need help, I’ll guide you through it. I just want to share God’s blessing to me, my work at home. My main advice is to never go greedy and do your work right even they can’t see. Do a good job that they always go back even if they leave or keep you for years to come.

Benefits? You can earn so much you can pay for your own medical expenses and the like. Some employers can pay for your expenses (like mine), some can even pay for your health insurances. Just work hard and you’ll reap gratitude from them no doubt.

I’ve taught a few of you and recommended and I urge you to share the blessing. Everyone deserves a blessed life.

So much heart to give,

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