People tend to forget how to a person. The feeling that was once there is soon lost. Trapped in each other’s world. No room to breathe. Bounded by the shackles of love. It ceases everything else in this world that expects much from you. Love becomes suffocating than inspiring but that person still holds on. A glimmer of the passion that existed between the two is disappearing.

“If only,” was all about that. People kill the essence of love just thinking and assuming that the person whom you cherish the most will always be standing there. Always supporting. Always understanding. Always loving. Cut short. Fast forward. Life seems to escape that was taken over by the love. From attraction to infatuation. From minimal love to extreme loving.

How well do you love? Is it too much or too little? The movie exploits the side of us where we become selfish to which we cannot seem to process that we are a bit becoming self-centered and dragging the people we love to our downfalls or any event in our life, and doesn’t allow themselves to co-exist as a sheer essence of our inspiration and becomes nonchalant about their dream or their purpose to be. We hold them back so we could use them to thrust ourselves higher.

A simple question and yet peopleare dumbfounded by it: “What would you do if that person you love the most would die tomorrow and you knew how it would happen but then be given the chance to spend our last day repeated all over again?” What would you do?

The taxi driver answered the perplexing question: “Just love her.”

A suprising answer, because of it’s simplicity and wisdom, from the taxi driver with all that he is, was right.

We tend to be so comfortable with the fact that person whom we love will always be there not to realizing that just like everything else, have an expiry date. God dangles a risk of death or a loss every single day. No exception, not even those holy and righteous people. Everyone’s life could be cut short.

Anytime, meaning today, tomorrow or the day after.

But then, what are we doing? At this very moment, we are all enthralled by our own businesses, reading this essay or listening to music. We often neglect and just walk through life holding hands with that special somebody not evenn double-checking if they are happy.

We don’t realize that the person whom we call hunny, love, boo or babe, that person who you can call your sanctuary is slipping away. Sooner or later, you realize they are gone or about to go. A little too late.

After the movie, it imparted me questions as: What’s stopping you? What’s wrong with loving your all What’s so wrong in settling for a little less at the expense of being with someone you love and inspires you to be? What’s wrong with lowering your pride? What’s so wrong to be wrong? Do wealth, glory and glamour really that important? Does it, those silly little fights, disagreements, pretensions, and the like, else matter when you truly love someone?

Life is indeed too short. What’s stopping you? What’s stopping you from showing your all? What’s stopping you to stay still in the presence of the one you love and kiss their foreheads and say those I love yous? What’s really stopping you? Just imagine a life without that special someone who made your world a bit more bearable with all the catastrophe, commotion, chaos, and that crisis filled life of yours gone within a moment without warning.

Take this as that warning, like the taxi driver’s warning.This is your chance not to let your life pass by showing that person who made life so much simpler just by them loving you. Those people who made you decide who you want to be and support you despite everything else against it. All you had to be was yourself and you already got their approval.

Life is so dull when you take out those little things that irk you. Life is so easy if you didn’t have limitations or boundaries. Life without that somebody? Is it the same?

Now here I go again: Is it the pretension? Inhibitions? Image or perception of others? Blinded by a bribe, temptation, or a bias? Or of ignorance?

Ignorant of the fact that each moment matters. That each moment is a chance. That each moment is a lifetime of memories.

Each moment is all you have.

If only shouldn’t exist in your vocabulary. It shouldn’t. If only should be now only. Now, what’s stopping you?

Would you rather miss the chance of a lifetime than miss a lifetime of regret? Better decide quick because time is definitely not on your side.

Love all you can while you can. A simple instruction that makes all the difference. No one ever said that loving someone was easy but it’s always been and will be worth it. 🙂