It was a cold April 27 when I was laying in bed lecturing myself how I wasted my life away.

Recently resigned, only about 50k left on my bank account, single, mother sick, dad mad, and so on… My life was falling apart.

I have a very bad habit of giving it my all when I fall in love and lose myself whenever my mom gets a relapse. The endless cycle has always been the routine.

It’s so routine that I can predict the months certain things will happen. I was now drowning in misery thinking that there is no hope for me.

I guess I was wrong.

Fast forward to Today, September 4:
I have my own website, earning almost 6 digits monthly, consulting for almost 12 companies and counting. I have bought everything I wanted except for the MacBook Air Retina which is yet to come out on 2013. I treated my closest friends and mother to places they always wished on dining at. I am booked for trips to Hanoi, Australia and Boracay for this year. Shopping weekly now compared to my yearly christmas bonus shopping spree.

Yes, 5 months and I was able to catch up to what I wanted to be by the age of 24. I actually had a list and everything checked out even losing weight.

No, I didn’t get a magic lamp, nor did I hit the lotto (but I always win in the small draws though). What I did wasn’t spectacular nor impossible.

I simply told myself to move.

With the 50k left, I fixed my license, paid all my debts and with the remainder, I invested in my Polo which I purchased early this year on my own. I then kept looking for online work while doing random favors to friends, people I never met and whoever gave me the opportunity for free. Some became my clients.

Then the rest is history.

If I could do it in 5 months, what more in a year’s time? I wrote this little message to remind those who have given up om themselves, that it’s never too late and there will always be tomorrow to get another chance at life. For thenyounger ones, don’t wait until you are 24 to start moving. You can be a legend at my age if only you focus on the things that do matter for now. Your boyfriend is not your life nor is owning an iPhone.

Yes, some people get everything at a young age but we were born differently and often, we were blessed with something those people we envy so much crave for.

I often told my ex who was from a humble background how he was lucky to have a happy family while my life was a very lonely one. Apparently, he never understood me because he saw the value in material things more because he didn’t own those things.

Life is beautiful. From the heartbreaks, frustration and the irony of everything, there is always tomorrow to look forward to. We may fall but we were born to rise above them.

I have fallen a couple of times so close in giving up on life but then I wake up the next day. In tears and fear, I still am breathing. There must be something for me to do still. And that alone keeps me alive.

It may be hard at times, but it won’t rain forever. You can choose to forget or regret but life goes on. We may not be able to control things, but we can choose how we will respond to it.

Choose wisely. Never ever forget that as along as you are still alive, you have another tomorrow to make things right.

If your heart is determined, there in no stopping you.