Monthly Archives: September 2008

Goodbye is another chance to love better

People tend to forget how to a person. The feeling that was once there is soon lost. Trapped in each other’s world. No room to breathe. Bounded by the shackles of love. It ceases everything else in this world that expects much from you. Love becomes suffocating than inspiring but that person still holds on. A glimmer of the passion that existed between the two is disappearing. “If only,” was all about that. People kill …

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Right person. Wrong timing. Wrong person. Right timing.

Everyone in this world seems to be looking for that person that was made just for you. That person who will sweep you of your feet. That person who will take you away from your miserable circumstance. That person who will satisfy everything you need and want. That person we call the one. The movie, Serendipity, showed exactly what everyone else was longing for, that perfect love story. He met her and she met him. Sparks fly. Butterflies …

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